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  Mission Statement

Important Information Regarding the 2019/2020 School Year

Returning Scales families are required to bring a current proof of address in order to find out who your child's teacher will be for 2019-2020 school year. This is for 1st-6th grade students only.
Kindergarten students have had addresses verified. (We will no longer post class lists on the cafeteria windows). A proof of address consists of one of the following; electric, gas, or water bill (June or July 2019 statement) OR a recently signed lease contract that reflects the address and statement of money received for the property. The bill statement must have the parent/guardian's name and address listed. Friends or neighbors are not able to bring your verification or receive information regarding your child's teacher. Call in's and emails are not accepted. Please call the front office if you have questions.

The office will begin this process on July 22ndAll students must have their address verified prior to entering class on July 31st.

We will have an Open House on July 30th from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. School supplies may be brought in on this evening. KONA ICE will be on site.



School Supplies 

Supply lists may not be on the high priority list as of yet. Nevertheless, for the industrious planner, below is a list of supplies needed by grade level for the 2019-20 school year. Individual teacher lists may vary slightly, however, this list includes the basics for each grade level.

Enjoy the summer.


⭐SHINE⭐ | Extended School Program 

The Extended School Program (ESP) provides a safe, educationally enriching, fun and rewarding experience for all students of Murfreesboro City Schools. Our students have the opportunity to attend a variety of enrichment classes after school. We offer a wide range of classes including but not limited to sports, music, arts and crafts, woodworking, ballet, hip hop dance, cheerleading, cooking, journalism, science, technology, foreign languages, robotics, and many more. We also provide our students with homework assistance and tutoring in specific subjects. Please feel free to contact with any questions that you may have. We look forward to meeting your family and assisting with your before and after school needs in any way we can.


Scales Dance Team 

A dance team parent informational meeting will be held on August 13th at 5:30p.m.
Tryouts will be on August 21st from 2:45-5:00 p.m.



Reward School