The History of Scales Elementary
                  Mary Scales

Mary Scales 

Mary Scales - Scales Namesake

Scales Elementary has been named in honor of Robert and Mary Scales as a positive reminder to their leadership in our community and dedication to children and education. These two individuals have held a variety of noteworthy positions within Murfreesboro. They have each been elected to seats on the Murfreesboro City Council and the Murfreesboro City School Board. Robert and Mary Scales hold a special place in our local history and the children in Murfreesboro should be aware of their role in impacting positive change here.

Robert Scales was the first African American to be elected to the Murfreesboro City Council. He was also the first African American to hold the position of Vice Mayor in Murfreesboro. Mr. Scales was a positive figure known in preventing turmoil in Murfreesboro during the time of integration. During that tumultuous era, Robert's motto to all people was, "learn, baby, learn." He was a leader that held fast to his convictions and communicated in kindness. Although Mr. Scales passed away in 2000, his impact on this community continues to be felt.

Mary Scales was the first African American female elected to the Murfreesboro City Council. She was also the first African American faculty member hired at Middle Tennessee State University. Mrs. Scales was an educator and administrator with Murfreesboro City Schools and continues to be involved in the community through various activities.

This couple, as evidenced in this brief description, celebrated many firsts in their lifetime, and now they celebrate another—the first school in Murfreesboro City Schools named in honor of a couple and, even more significantly, an African-American couple.

Scales Elementary, in honor of both Robert and Mary, will continue their legacy in service to the community with an emphasis where they dedicated their lives—children and education.