iPad/Laptop Checkout Calendars
  • Carts may be reserved for 2 hours only, max 3 days per week, no more than 2 consecutive days (this 2 hour time constraint does not apply to grade levels that teach in blocks).
  • Each device on the cart should be plugged into a charger when the cart is being returned or moved to another classroom.
  • Please return the cart as soon as your reserved time is up and please don't just let another teacher "borrow" the cart when you are through with it.  This can cause a class who has reserved the cart to miss some or all of their time while it's being tracked down because it isn't where it's supposed to be.
  • Please ask your students not to change settings or app locations.  iPads especially are set up to have the longest battery life possible by having a black background and apps are grouped by type. When these settings are changed it can mean that a cart isn't full until the device is restored to it's correct configuration.
  • Please check the number of devices when you receive a cart and when it leaves your room.
  • Carts should be returned to the Announcement Room by 2:15 with all devices plugged into a charger (if your students know how to close the recently used apps on the iPads it would be very helpful to have them do this before they are returned).
  • If you have a sub and have left them instructions to pick up a cart at a certain time you must reserve the same cart for the same time as your instructions say to your sub.  Towards the end of the last school year there was a huge problem with this not happening.
  • If the cart you have reserved isn't in the Announcement Room when you or your students come to pick it up please don't just grab whichever cart is there, have the front office call me on my walkie and we'll get it figured out.
  • Carts may be taken out of rotation during testing or assessments and as needed for upgrades.  As much notice as possible will be given in these instances.